Mount Shasta Psychic Readings
by Robyn Olsen

What are your skills?

I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. I see, feel, and hear psychic information. I am a psychic medium; I can   
communicate to those not of this planet (the deceased, spirit guides, etc.). I know information by touching or seeing
objects or photographs, called psychometry.

My readings focus on areas including but not limited to career, relationships, spiritual path, healing, conflict resolution,
crime-solving, cleansing, health, psychic development, auras, reprogramming, mediumship, and goal achievement.

Do you do all readings personally?


How did you learn to be psychic?

I am a natural born psychic. I realized at an early age I had special sensitivity, and knew the general areas of energy I'd
be working in very early.

I've had the great luck to manifest accomplished teachers who were kind enough to point out any personal blocks to
developing my skills (if any of you know the Tibetan story of Milarepa...let's just say the house has been re-built many

My skills were developed through a healthy balance of opening to master teachings while retaining the desire to question
any guidance. A good teacher encourages their students to respectfully debate issues and to take personal responsibility
for their decisions.

How do I get the most out of my reading?

Please spend time before your reading to decide which specific questions to ask. If you ask specific questions I can
understand exactly what information you need quickly and get to the point.

I need an answer to my question immediately, what can I do?

Contact me through Liveperson via chat. If I'm online and I connect well with you, you'll receive an immediate answer.
The price for your reading is listed on my Liveperson home page. You will need to register at Liveperson to contact me.

Will you use Tarot cards in my reading?

Yes, upon request. I use a traditional Rider-Waite deck.

Are you still teaching psychic development?

At this time I am not working with individuals on a weekly basis. If I am reading you, I will be aware of your skills in
this area, and will offer specific guidance if it will help you in your current situation.

For example, if you are internalizing a lot of negative energy from your work environment, I will clearly explain how to
handle your energy differently.

If you have a question about psychic development or ethics and energy work, please email me your question and I will

My advice is to remember to have fun with your psychic explorations; to remain lighthearted about your quest while
seriously dedicated to helping others with the information you receive.

Do you see dead people?

Yes. At times during readings I will feel an energy trying to press into the space.  Often it is a being no longer in a body
who wants to be acknowledged or to communicate a message or feeling to the person I am reading. At this point I
become a channel for the information.

Please remember that if you consult me specifically for a reading regarding someone who has passed, I cannot guarantee
that being will actively be wishing to communicate. No matter the manner of their passing, or how cruel and unjust you
may believe it to be, please consider that every soul has a path that they are exploring in their own unique way.

In my experience, there is very thin veil between beings on this planets and beings in other spirit realms. Energy takes
different forms, and the Western view of death makes this concept difficult to perceive. Death is a shift in energy, not an
end to its existence. My goal is to help you perceive this so that you may have closure and be at peace.

Do you do relationship readings?

A high percentage of the readings I do concern relationships. I do relationship readings for individuals. I do not read
couples together at the same time. Each person needs to understand their role in the dynamic of the relationship, and how
the relationship plays into their higher purpose.

You told me something I am unhappy about, what can I do?

A good reading has the power to change your life by clearly showing you your options and helping you see the potential
results of choices before you make them. Some things are beyond our power to change, but you always have the power
to choose your mental state, as well as your reactions to the events of your life.

Can you tell me about my past life lives?

I may touch on skills that come easily to you due to a past life, however I always encourage a focus on the present. You
are here now. A lot of time can be spent on what you did or didn’t do in a past life. A more productive question is how
will you utilize your gifts to live your present life to the highest potential.

I think my house is haunted, and I am not happy about it. What can I do?

If your home is haunted, you have two choices. You can move, or you can make peace with the beings inhabiting the
space. You do not have to hire an expert exorcist to have the ghosts escorted elsewhere.

Sit down on the floor of your house during a peaceful moment. Light a candle. Tell the beings you respect them and
welcome them. Ask for their respect in return, and their blessings on your inhabiting the space (they were there first).
Explain it is your desire to have only peaceful experiences with them.

If this doesn’t work, ask them to pay rent. Just kidding! If you are sincere this will work. If you are very uncomfortable
with the thought of communicating with spirits, I have cleared many spaces and may be able to help you.

I need a love spell cast right now; will you do it for me?

No, but I will explain and show you positive choices for handling your love life so you have the best chance of achieving
your desires.

All rituals have a common purpose which is to focus your intent. You can achieve this focus on your own. If someone
wanted a lot of money to perform a spell for me, I would be concerned about their ethics.

I have a serious medical condition and would like your help. Do you handle
health issues?

I am happy to help with any question you may have. I specialize in the psychic states associated with the "dis-ease",
energy blocks that are assisting its manifestation, and how to clear them so you are at peace and in control of your
situation. Often I will be aware of natural remedies that will assist you, but I always recommend consulting a doctor in
addition to an energy worker. I recommend
susunweed.com for information on herbal healing.

I am planning a six-month trip to a sacred religious spot/power vortex. Will this
assist in my psychic development?

Not necessarily. You do not need to go anywhere to achieve any state of mind, although certain places may encourage
psychic activity. You are able to achieve any state of mind at any time through practice and dedication.
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