Everyone has the ability to use their psychic skills if they choose to do so. I discovered my abilities around age six
when my mother introduced me to tarot reading. I have worked as a professional psychic for over fifteen years in
California and New York.

Areas my readings focus on include relationships, soulmates, career, spiritual path, health, decision-making, and more.
My job is to get you balanced and knowing you're in control. I can help you resolve issues and patterns that may be
holding you back from having the life and the relationships that you want.

Questions about love, trust, faithfulness, long-term relationship, marriage, possible partner, where remaining with
current partner will lead you…I can answer all of these and more.

Readings are a valuable way to find the answers you need. You will receive a lot of information quickly from my
readings. I often can help you resolve issues in minutes. I will provide genuine answers and show you your best
options. Readings are about perceiving the choices which lie directly ahead of you in order to easily move forward. My
goal is to help you realize your highest potential in the present.

I respect and welcome all spiritual paths.

Mount Shasta  is a powerful energy vortex which heals and brings clarity to all. There is a profound spirituality
that encompasses this area which makes it a perfect location for psychic work and healing of all kinds.
My Experience as a Psychic
Are you with the best partner for you, will this relationship bring you happiness, will it be long-lasting? Many of the
readings I do are for individuals regarding their relationships. I can help you regain confidence and resolve any
questions you may have about your relationship or possible partner.

Your reading will help you:

  • See your current situation clearly
  • Regain confidence and the ability to assert yourself
  • Gain tools to heal relationship issues so you can be reunited in love with your partner
  • Clarify your true needs in a relationship so you can make the right choice in a partner
  • Heal any sadness and understand there is a soulmate waiting for you on your divine path
  • Move forward with clarity and the strength to make empowering decisions.

  • Prepare a list of specific questions beginning with the most important. We will get to as many as time
    permits. "Will I marry?" is a good question, "if I marry John will it be a happy marriage and is he a man of
    integrity?" is a great question that will get you a specific answer.
  • Email photographs pertinent to your questions.
  • Breathe and get centered before you contact me so you are in a receptive mode.
  • Have a notebook nearby to write down thoughts that arise in the moment. Often you will have a flash of
    clarity during the reading and you'll want to refer back to it. During the reading your goals and desires will be
    very clear to you.

Psychic Development

We are all born with psychic ability. As in any worthwhile endeavor, effort is required to develop these skills.

Meditation, the ability to still your thoughts, plays a major role in psychic development. You will need to have a
clear mind in order to perceive energy. This means the ability to drop your thoughts, no matter how pressing you
believe they are, at any given moment.

There are many methods of meditation. Any style that works for you is the right style. It can be frustrating. At first
you may notice thoughts arise. Gradually with practice your thoughts will become less frequent. You’ll notice a
calm begin to pervade your life and a new ease in decision making. You will also notice an increase in psychic
awareness that occurs naturally and feels perfectly comfortable to you.
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